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What is The Young Entrepreneur Competition?
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development (Dubai SME),  an agency under Dubai Economy, launched the Young Entrepreneur Competition in 2005, drawing on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai due to the importance of planting the seed of entrepreneurship at an early age, whereas the study of The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor identified social and cultural challenges and emphasized on the need to nurture entrepreneurial spirit in new generations. The competition is designed to encourage and facilitate the delivery of entrepreneurship and commercial trade to the future youth by providing a truly integrated business environment that ensures that generations of entrepreneurs are able to innovate and be creative within a competitive business environment.
The competition will be held in a different format from the previous ones. As for the first time, participation will be available for all members of the community in the age groups of 5-25 years. The largest interactive online platform will be launched in cooperation with, and their projects will be sustained after the competition. The initiative will be followed by an exhibition for the participating projects at the end of March in one of the commercial centers in Dubai, to allow the participants to display and their e-projects and compete through the platforms which will be a starting point for the entrepreneurial world. The exhibition will be for 3 days.
Category Age Group Location Participation Time
Creative business activities 5-11 years One of Dubai's malls- The location will be announced later March 2019 for two days
Creative business activities 12-25 years Electronic competition Platform on One of Dubai's malls- The location will be announced later

Immediately after obtaining the initial approval, the Online Shop is set up on and the participants may start the electronic commerce

March 2019 for three days

Introductory Prototypes- Innovative Activities 12-25 years in the "The Young Entrepreneur Competition Lab- One of Dubai's malls- The location will be announced later March 2019 For 3 days
Registration for The Young Entrepreneur Competition is available through and by downloading the Smart Application for the Competition which is available on Google Play and Apple Store platforms under the name YEC.
Yes, participation is available for all nationalities, provided you reside in the United Arab Emirates.
No, this cycle is open to all members of the community in the age group 5-25 years.
Yes, you are entitled to participate and develop the project in this cycle based on your previous experience
With pleasure, we have had a lot of previous active participations from People of Determination, and you can register through the available channels.
Activities vary by age, please see the tables below:
Creative business activities 5-11 years
  • Arts
  • Handcraft & Accessories
  • Products design
  • Product related to Kids
  • Photography
Creative business activities 12-25 years
  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Hand Craft
  • Traditional Product & Heritage
  • Eyewear & Optics
  • Health and personal care
  • Perfume & Beauty
  • Books
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Recycling Products
  • Products of Environmental Awareness
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mobile & Tablets
  • Electronics & Cameras
  • Computers, IT, NETWORKING
  • Sport & fitness products
  • Toys & Games
  • Video Games
  • Automotive/ Car Accessories
  • Home Décor & Furniture
  • Garden & Outdoor
  • Music

Yes, if you are participating in the category of creative activities for the age group (5-11) years, the number of participants in each project should not exceed two people, and the team leader or the guardian should register the project in the application of the competition.

If you are participating in creative activities for the age group (12-25) years, the number of participants in each project must not exceed 4 participants, and the team leader should register the project in the application for the competition.

There must be commitment in the implementation of the submitted project. If any amendment is made to the project after the completion of the registration stage, the Competition team must be informed.
It is prohibited to sell foods during the competition, and projects that sell these products will not be accepted.
The sale of counterfeit goods is strictly prohibited.
Participation in the idea of buying and selling animals, products that contain helium, activities that require heat or emit gases, and any kind of activities contrary to public morality
The projects will be evaluated in two stages through the calculation of a number of evaluation points on the performance of projects through electronic sales and evaluation points during the presentation of the projects in the final stage.

Questions related to The Young Entrepreneur Competition platform on

The participant must complete the initial registration phase of the Competition through the application. After obtaining the initial approval, the participant is entitled to move on to the next stage of registration on the platform.
Products are required to be viewable on the e-platform ( You can find the following link to learn about the accepted activities, except for foods and beverages projects which will not be accepted.
Yes, we will notify you later of the available courses times.
Yes, you must adhere to the product photography terms according to the requirements of, and you will be provided with the product photography manual later
You must commit to provide enough quantities of your products to cover the order during the period of the competition, provided that it is not less than 5 pieces of each category being available products on your online store.
Committing to follow-up the project on and ensure the sales, delivery, evaluation of products, which will be part of the final evaluation process. provided shipping by “Fulfilled by Souq” for the participants free of charge, including product storage, packaging and shipping to customers, and it must be committed to supply the products displayed on the platform to the warehouses of to follow up the logistics after the sale of these products. is providing its platform to the participants for free and no percentage of the value of products will be deducted for the platform during the competition period.
Customers buy your products through, pay the amount through the site, and then it will be transferred to you through the bank account identified on the participating store, which will be provided by the applicant during the establishment of the online store
No, the goal of the Online Shop is to be sustained and to grow the projects, but the fees for will be calculated.

Questions related to the Exhibition of The Young Entrepreneur Competition

The participant must complete the first registration phase of the Competition through the application. After obtaining the approval, the participant has the right to move on to the next stage.
Working hours and participation in the exhibition will be in accordance with the timing that will be notified to you later, and you must be committed to attend during these hours.
Yes, the kiosks and marketing of the competition will be provided by Dubai SME, and participants must secure any other expenses themselves.
The exhibition will be held in a commercial mall in Dubai and will be informed to you later.
You must observe the exterior to reflect the cultural image of the country, and wear decent clothes, without prejudice to customs and traditions during the exhibition.
You should not leave your valuables in the kiosk, and Dubai SME is not responsible for losses.
Yes, and you will be informed later on the evaluation process, and there will be a system of violations in the event of non-compliance with the laws and instructions, and the participants will be deprived from the evaluation of their project and would not qualify to win the competition.

Questions related to the category of viewable prototypes - innovative activities Within the "The Young Entrepreneur Competition Lab" 12-25 years

What is The Young Entrepreneur Competition Lab?
It is a platform to motivate innovative entrepreneurs by introducing their innovative applications.
You can subscribe by registering the project in the channels available for the Competition, and after the initial approval, you can participate in the exhibition.
Participants are subject to the same terms and conditions as the Creative Activities Category, and a prototype must be available for the Competition.
You can participate in one of the following sectors:
sectors of viewable prototypes - Innovative activities within The Young Entrepreneur Competition Lab 12-25 years
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Renewable Energy
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Health
  • Water
  • Space

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